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Hey friend,

If you’re digging the annual Ungated membership, I’d love to invite you to upgrade to lifetime.

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So what do you get as a lifetime member? Here’s the breakdown.

The Ungated Brain: This is my personal database of notes, book summaries, article ideas, and more. It lives inside an app called Roam that lets you endlessly explore ideas, and find exciting connections between them. This thing truly is the intellectual hub behind everything on Ungated, and you get unlimited access.

Group Coaching Calls: Starting in 2021, we’ll hop on Zoom every second week and work through our most pressing creative, marketing, and business challenges.

The Ungated Creative Book: Also in 2021, I’ll be writing the book that’s been nagging at me for years, and I’ll be writing it in real time specifically for lifetime members. You’ll get new chapters as they’re written, and

The Ungated Dashboard: Want to see how my two niche media businesses are doing in real time? Lifetime members get access to a dashboard showing my traffic, email subscribers, revenue, churn, and more. It’s radical transparency in a world that’s often too opaque.

And all that’s on top of never having to pay me again, and keeping access to the Ungated community and premium content for life.

So I hope you’ll join, because the best is yet to come.

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-Rob Hardy

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